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Authentic Art People hosts its first art exhibition at Paragon #03-51/52, showcasing works by Liao Yu-An,  Diu Khang Ching, Ning Rui JieFelix Lim , Lu Yue Hua and Zeng Ri Sheng.

Diu Khang Ching was invited to beautify Gengyuhua Primary School in Kedah, Malaysia.

Ning Rui Jie was interviewed for her creative and beautiful works in Taiwan. 


2020 6

Zeng Ri Sheng is featured as one of the main artists in a charity exhibition.


Our Founder & CEO Of Authentic Art People, Eling Hsu, was invited to a face to face meeting with the head of the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, Ambassador Liang Kuo-Hsin.

A painting by one of our artists, Zeng Ri Sheng, will be hung up on a wall in his office. It is truly an honour!

Zeng Ri Sheng was invited to beautify the famous Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence 🏡. The building is now currently open to the public!

2020 5

Zeng Ri Sheng donates an artwork to a major temple in Taiwan and presents it personally.


Liao Yu-An is interviewed by the radio host of FM 97.5 on his upcoming exhibtion.


Zeng Ri Sheng is one of the premiere artists in the Tote-As-Canvas charity to raise money for the disabled. 

2016 2

Liao Yu-An is invited as one of the guests of honour of a celebration of artistic talent in Taiwan. 

2016 9

Zeng Ri Sheng is featured as one of the directors of the Taiwanese Landscape Association.  

Zeng Ri Sheng conducts art lessons for young students as one of the senior educators.


Zeng Ri Sheng passes on his knowledge to young artists and receives an award in appreciation of his efforts to educate the next generation.


Liao Yu-An is recognised as one of the leading pioneering artists of Taiwan who was born between 1971-1980.

Liao Yu-An is invited to appear on TV with famous Taiwanese celebrity Shu Wei who is also a collector of his art!

The Foundation Art Organisation, invites artists including Liao Yu-An to cooperate with factory owners over 10 years to beautify the surrounding areas with art.


Yahoo and invite 10 young artists including Liao Yu-An to paint their childhood memories and exhibits!