Our Artists

Diu Khang Ching

Diu Khang Ching is a Malaysian watercolour and acrylic artist who lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His paintings emanate joy and peace and expresses the spirit and atmosphere of the villages, where he grew up from; and also the expression of classical beauty in human figures.

Picturesque landscapes, elegant beauty, playful cats and fishes are all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and lively strokes. His art reflects his observation of movement and the rhythmic compositions convey feelings of lively.

The majority of his technique is self-taught through his natural exploration of the paint material and its applications.


Zeng Qi Wen

Zeng Qi Wen is an award-winning artist from Taichung, Taiwan with over 30 years of experience. He found his passion for art early on during his studies at St. Viator Catholic High School where he found great joy in painting. He currently is the Director of the Changhua Guashan Painting Association.

Qi Wen is able to render a large variety of subjects from dynamic action pieces to still-life compositions with a high level of photographic-like detail that draws the viewer in.




Felix Lim

Felix Lim is a self-taught artist. During his professional career in shipping and logistics, Felix travelled around the world. The beauty and colour of the many countries and cultures that he visited on his international trips inspired his foray into the world of art by experimenting with various mediums such as graphite, acrylics and oil painting. In the 1990s, Felix completed courses in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the La Salle School of Arts.





Guo Zhen Yan

A native of Pingtung County, Taiwan, Guo Zhen Yan was born in 1992 and graduated from the Japanese Department of Ping Rong High School. During Junior High School, she studied under the famous calligraphy artist Chen Bo Zhi. In 2012, she began to learn how to paint Buddhist art under the tutelage of Master Lai Jun Rong.

Her solid foundation in Chinese painting was laid under the guidance of her first teacher Chen Bo Zhi. After graduating from high school, she decided to become a professional artist and went north to Tainan to study painting the different forms of Buddha for three years and four months under Master Lai Jun Rong.


Liao Yu-An

Born in Taipei in 1979, Liao Yu-An is a promising young artist with a truly unique art style. In 2003, he won the “Taipei Arts Award” in his specialty, the contemporary art category. The making of his art is a deeply personal one, and the theme of alienation and isolation is beautifully depicted in his artworks. Liao has set about making art that begins as a voyage of self-exploration and self-discovery and is now a comment on the society in which he lives.





Lu Yue Hua

Born in Chiayi in Taiwan, Lu Yue Hua was a student of the Art Department of Fuxing Business School and graduated first place in her painting group.  She also studied in the Fine Arts Department at the National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in Western style painting. Her extensive education has allowed her to take advantage of different techniques to produce truly striking paintings that look almost like a photo only for the viewer to realise that it is strokes of her perfectly chosen colours.





Zeng Ri Sheng

Zeng Ri Sheng is a qualified Taiwanese artist from the prestigious Renaissance Art School. As a professional artist, he has over 30 years of experience in oil on canvas, watercolor and acrylics. He is currently a full-time artist with 10 years of teaching experience and is committed to promoting the creative colours of art from the soul.

A master of various mediums such as oil on canvas, water colour and acrylics, Zeng Ri Sheng often meditates before starting each work of art. The painting that he produces are the result of his inspiration on how each detail can influence the connection to the soul felt with every painting.



Ning Rui Jie

Ning Rui Jie, also known as the Cement Installation Artist, was born in 1981. Rui Jie draws inspiration from the structures of humanity’s many habitats and uses cement as her main creative medium.

As time goes on, new habitats will rise while existing ones may go through multiple periods of transformation as their owners move on and new ones move in. Rui Jie seeks to capture this in a vivid, yet surrealistic art style.




Nikolay Didenko

Nikolay Didenko was born in 1953 in Mary, Turkmenistan. In 1974 he graduated Arts College. In 1982, he worked in the studio of Sergey Zarovnov in “Sinezh,” creating works of art using engraving techniques as well as authoring books on other Turkmen artists.

He also took part in Republican, All-Union, and other foreign exhibitions.


Rahman Umarov

A talented artist from a young age, Rahman Umarov graduated in 1983 with honours from the Turkmenistan College of Fine Arts. With a wide range of experience and having earned the recognition of his peers, Rahman became a teacher of the fine arts himself, before eventually being promoted to director in 2001.

Today, his paintings can be found in the Turkmenistan State Fine Arts Museum, an honour reserved for the most recognised and accomplished of artists.


Farukh Ahmadaliev

Farukh was born in 1982 in Uzebekistan. An artist from a very young age, he graduated from the Republican Art College in 2000. In 2002, he studied in the Art Institute K Behzod for 3 years.

Over his many years of painting, he participated in exhibitions in Europe and Asia, and his works can be found in many private collections around the world including Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and Kazakhstan.