Lu Yue Hua

Born in Chiayi in Taiwan, Lu Yue Hua was a student of the Art Department of Fuxing Business School and graduated first place in her painting group.  She also studied in the Fine Arts Department at the National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in Western style painting. Her extensive education has allowed her to take advantage of different techniques to elevate her paintings.

She is particularly skilled at using the contrast and overlap of colours to make the viewer believe as if they are looking at a photograph of a scene until they look closer and realise that the shapes are from skilfully chosen and placed strokes of colour. Yue Hua’s paintings are unrestrained and expresses her passionate attitude towards life.


  • Tainan Mansion Life Hall Solo Exhibition
  • Tucheng Art and Culture Center Tonghua Festival Exhibition


  • New North American Artists Biennale


  • “Nature•Phase” Solo Exhibition at Tucheng Art Museum
  • Water Lotus Villa Double Exhibition
  • Art Workshop at Tamsui Heritage Museum-Lu Yuehua “Nature” Solo Exhibition


  • “Stacking Love for You Every Day” Solo Exhibition at Luzhou Jixian Art Museum


  • New Taipei City Artists Group Exhibition


  • New Taipei City Artists Group Exhibition


  • Blind Spot/Nanhai Art Gallery, Taipei


  • Public Art Exhibition/Yongkang Street, Taipei