Ning Rui Jie

Ning Rui Jie, also known as the Cement Installation Artist, was born in Taiwan on 1981. Rui Jie draws inspiration from the structures of humanity’s many habitats and uses cement as her main creative medium.

The many houses in the world that humanity dwells in develops a deep and unique connection to it’s occupants over time. Affected by their mood and values, each home has a unique look and spirit.

As time goes on, new habitats will rise while existing ones may go through multiple periods of transformation as their owners move on and new ones move in. Rui Jie seeks to capture this in a vivid, yet surrealistic art style.

  • Design Director of Exxon Digital Design Co., Ltd. (2003-2018)
  • Master Computer Lecturer (2002)
  • Graduated from the Department of International Trade, Qiaoguang University of Science and Technology


  • Zhongyou Department Store Noah’s Ark / Taichung
  • Xinzhuang Literary Center, Traveling to Different Hearts / Taipei
  • Good Art Time Babylon’s Hanging Garden / Taipei
  • Taipei Breeze TRENDS Artist Window Exhibition / Taipei TRENDS


  • Floating City Cement Installation Creation Exhibition / Taipei
  • Sheng Yang Culture and Art Foundation, “My Feelings Are Not Your Feelings” Personal Creation Exhibition / Taichung
  • Golden Car Art Exhibition Young Artists’ Individual Creation Exhibition / Taipei Golden Car Art Center


  • Taipei Wetland “Lost Garden of Eden”, Micro Forest Music Art Creation Solo Exhibition / Taipei


  • Taichung Art Fair ART Taichung / Taichung
  • Formosa International Art Fair ART Formosa / Taipei


  • Zhiguan Technology, Culture and Art Foundation Seeing Local Art Joint Exhibition / Kaohsiung
  • Chiayi Railway Art Development Association Contemporary Art Track Member Joint Exhibition / Chiayi
  • King Car Art Center Yuanshan Pavilion Lanyang Art Tour / Yilan
  • Construction Site Deconstruction-Transitional City Xinyuan Art Space / Taipei