Felix Lim

Felix Lim is a self-taught artist. During his professional career in shipping and logistics, Felix travelled around the world. The beauty and colour of the many countries and cultures that he visited on his international trips inspired his foray into the world of art by experimenting with various mediums such as graphite, acrylics and oil painting. Enjoying the artistry of oil on canvas, Felix enrolled himself for formal training in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, the La Salle School of Arts in the 1990’s, and has even painted with famous Singaporean artist, Loy Chye Chuan.

Felix’s greatest strengths are his fine attention to detail and his patience to spend months in bringing out the best in each of his subjects. Specialising in landscape, cityscape and wildlife art, Felix’s paintings are bursting with vibrant detail to the viewer. Felix has had experience in displaying his art in exhibitions.