Zeng Ri Sheng

Zeng Ri Sheng is a qualified Taiwanese artist from the prestigious Renaissance Art School with 30 years of experience. He is currently a full-time artist with 10 years of teaching experience. Zeng Ri Sheng is committed to promoting the creative colours of art that move the soul.
Zeng Ri Sheng’s work is full of his passion and spirit for art. Collectors or appreciator of works will see his emotions expressed through the lines and colours of his many works.

Creation of art tuition classes to teach and nurture the artistic skills of children for 12 years


  • Member of the Republic of China Oil Painting Association


  • Taoyuan Rongmin Hospital Solo Exhibition
  • Republic of China Oil Painting Association Provincial Classic Exhibition Joint Exhibition
  • Taipei International Arts Festival Nominee
  • Taipei Shilin District Court Solo Exhibition
  • Taoyuan Rongmin Hospital Solo Exhibition
  • Autumn Salon of Cross-Strait Artists Nominee


  • Taipei Health Insurance Bureau Oil Painting Exhibition
  • Hakka New Wawu Oil Painting Exhibition
  • Oil Painting Association Newport Classic Exhibition
  • Taiwan Housing National Painting Competition Judge


  • Taiwan Housing National Painting Competition Judge
  • Yingge City Xiaozhu Art Gallery Solo Exhibition


  • Taiwan Art Museum Taiwan Beauty Charity Exhibition-Zhang Kaiyang, Zeng Risheng
  • Zhongli Taiyuan Science and Technology Park Solo Exhibition


  • Nominee for the 2013 Taiwan PEN Oil Painting Competition
  • Hsinchu CITIC Hotel Solo Exhibition


  • Member of Yonghe Fengye Art Association
  • International exchange of Chinese art brokers Association Member
  • Joint exhibition at the National Taiwan Art Education Museum
  • Hsinchu Star University Exhibition


  • Taoyuan City Art Association Member
  • Taichung City Government Group Exhibition
  • February Solo Exhibition of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
  • Miaoli Cultural Bureau Joint Exhibition
  • Longtan Hakka Culture Museum


  • Songyan Cultural and Creative Park Zeng Risheng solo exhibition


  • Taichung Dayuan Baibanqiao Dayuan 100 Solo Exhibition
  • Taipei Collection Botanical Garden
  • Zeng Risheng Art Exhibition
  • Yilan Luodong Dianjin Pavilion


  • Zeng Risheng’s Soul Healing Art Solo Exhibition
  • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Solo Exhibition
  • Nominated for the Taipei International Arts Festival Awards (2009)
  • Republic of China Classical Exhibition of Republic of China Oil Painting Association (2009)
  • Nominated for the Autumn Salon of Cross-Strait Artist of the Year