Zhu Jun Lin

Zhu Junlin has a bold and unrestrained personality while living a simple life as a teacher in Primary and Secondary school. A scholar at heart, Zhu Junlin has extensively studied in the fields of literature, calligraphy, ink painting, seal cutting and photography. To complement this, he is also a practitioner of Tai Chi which he uses to comprehend the principle of the continuous ebb and flow of Yin and Yang, which complements his fields of study. Calligraphy as his medium of main expression.

Overall, he has spent more than 30 years under famous teachers such as Zhang Shuzhen, Lu Guoqi and Lin Guoshan with an education spanning from basic skills to advanced ones such as the use of seals, official script, kai, xing, and cursive calligraphy. After investing considerable time in learning, Zhu Jun Lin gradually was able to develop his own personal style. His work emphasises the unity between the form and content of calligraphy, a theory of Yang Xiong, the famous scholar of the Eastern Han Dynasty, known as “drawing the book”.

Zhu Jun Lin, attempts to combine temperament, culture and the trend of the times, to get a new look out of calligraphy while at the same time paying homage to its traditions. His method of freehand brushstrokes focuses on matching the content to the style of the book. Each line has its own expression that integrates with the meaning of the words in the viewer’s mind.

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  • Taichung Teachers College
  • National Taiwan University Chinese Department
  • Fu University Chinese Studies (Master).


  • 《You Heart Nature》Solo Exhibition, Yongji Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, New Taipei City Luzhou Arts and Culture Center


  • 《Emotional Ink and Ink》Zhu Junlin Calligraphy Photography Solo Exhibition, Changhua Art Museum


  • 《Emotional Ink and Ink》Zhu Junlin Calligraphy Exhibition, New Taipei City Tucheng Art Museum


  • 《No Ink》Zhu Junlin Calligraphy Solo Exhibition, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  • Published: Selected Works and Echoes of Zhu Junlin’s Art Tour, Edited by Zhu Junlin and Zhu Xinyi, Published: 2016


  • 《Unfinished Art Tour》Zhu Junlin’s Solo Exhibition, New Taipei City Luzhou Arts Center