Kampong, 2004 (Oil on Canvas) by Felix Lim

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Title: “Kampong”
Artist: Felix Lim
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2004

A Kampong is a traditional fishing village of which with the passage of time, have mostly disappeared from Singapore to be replaced with the more modern HDB flats that you see today. The term “Kampong spirit” denotes the camaraderie, solidarity and closeness that was part of living in the kampong community. Here, Felix has attempted to capture this spirit on canvas. Fishermen are just setting out for the day along the shore. Two shop houses are open for business, with merchants selling their wares. Meanwhile, the breeze gently caresses the trees along the shoreline, lending a relaxing atmosphere to the painting.

Dimensions: 71 cm wide x 57cm height

This is the original Oil on Canvas piece and is the only one available!

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity


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