Grace of the Lotus – A Gentle Shade, 2005 (Oil On Canvas) by Felix Lim



Title: “Grace of the Lotus – A Gentle Shade”
Artist: Felix Lim
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2005

The Lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, purity and rebirth in multiple Eastern cultures. As a plant, the Lotus is first rooted in the depths of the pond surrounded by mud before its flowers blossom above it all in its amazing natural splendour. The blossoming of the flower symbolises purity and growth in the spirit even in harsh environments.

In the third of the “Grace of the Lotus” series, Felix explores how sunlight touches the Lotus. Each layer of the lotus casts a shadow on the next. Felix also carefully recreates how sunlight shines through the topmost Lotus leaf. Overall, there is a gradual transition from light to dark colours skilfully portrayed by Felix with particular attention paid to the position of the Lotus relative to the foreground.

Dimensions: 39 cm wide x 77 cm height

This is the original Oil on Canvas piece and is the only one available! It is also part of a set that can be placed together.

This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity


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