Patrice Ong

Patrice Ong is a Singapore based illustrator and motion designer. Born and raised in Sarawak, East Malaysia, nature has always been a big source of inspiration for her work. Since young she has been interested in drawing strange hidden worlds and fantastical creatures.

After graduating with a degree in Pharmacy from the National University of Singapore, and working in the industry for 3 years, she felt something was missing. This prompted some serious soul searching on her part. Finally, after much consideration she decided to pursue her dream in art and design, and enrolled herself in a one year course at 3dSense Media School, studying Digital Illustration. Whilst there, she was selected to be part of the small team of students that were given the privilege to work on a short film for the festival Scholar Program, under the guidance of Matthew Luhn, the head of story at Pixar. The resulting short film, “Buggy” made it to the official selection for the Cardiff International Film Festival. It was also a semi-finalist in Animation Nights New York and a winning work in the 11th Asiagraph 2017 animation competition in Tokyo.

In her free time, you can find her at her desk busy designing and animating critters.