Maurice Chan

Maurice Chan is a Singaporean artist who paints in both oil medium and Chinese ink. His talent was discovered early when he worked to paint acrylic landscape paintings for a small art business during his vacation periods while studying at university. Maurice uses a personal, expressive style characterized by bold strokes and sombre colours, resulting in a heavily textured surface, with complex and rich layers reminiscent of Van Gogh.

The imagery invokes a feeling of melancholy and macabre. His still-life works are more representations of the feelings invoked at the time of painting, rather than pursuit of likeness. Maurice also developed a unique style of modern Chinese ink painting that reflected his deep appreciation of Western and Chinese Expressionism.

He draws inspiration from Fauvist and German Expressionist masters such as Vlaminck and Mvnch, and from Chinese masters like Zhou Chunya and Badashanren. Maurice is the Vice-President of the Life Art Society, and frequently participates in the group’s exhibitions. Maurice has another life as a biomedical scientist, and holds a doctoral degree in molecular biology.


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